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Drinking spout 2 pcs (6m+)

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  • Recommended by the world's leading pediatricians, the drinking spout is designed to support the natural development of babies' teeth and gums
  • The tip of the silicone nozzle is shaped tighter to better protect the nozzle during chewing by growing baby teeth
  • To protect the silicone tip from being chewed when the baby's teeth are growing, it is recommended to remove the bottle when the baby is not drinking from it
  • It is recommended to change silicone teats every 8-12 weeks and as they wear out
  • Made of 100% safe medical grade silicone
  • Complies with all FDA, CPSC, EN14350, European Commission 10/2011, German regulations and/or LFGB guidelines

Each package contains two identical drinking spouts.

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