Brúnt snudduband til að festa á samfellur, peysur og náttgalla frá Pop My Way | Barnaföt - ungbarnaföt - Larílei - Larí Lei
Blátt snudduband með leikfangi - grátt snudduband með snuði - hægt að festa í barnaföt frá Pop My Way - LaríLei - ungbarnaföt
Hvítt dudduband í bláum náttgalla frá pop my way, ungbarnaföt - barnaföt - LaríLei - Larí Lei

Dummy/Toy Strap - Oatmeal

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Dummy/toy Strap with unique design features.

A popper on one end allow you to attach the strap to a Pop My Way bodysuit, cardigan or zippered sleep suit OR as a second accessory to a bib or collar.

The poppers on the other end allow you to create a smaller loop to attach a dummy or a slightly larger loop to attach a small teething toy.

100% GOTS certified organic pima cotton - super soft and durable.

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